Project FAQs

1) How was the proposed alignment determined?

An alignment study was performed in 2009. This study provided an in-depth analysis of numerous potential alignments and their relative impacts taking into consideration several factors including Environmental Impacts, future traffic demands and adjacent land use. The analysis included close coordination with key stakeholders including various permitting agencies and considerable public involvement. The Lee Board of County Commissioners adopted alignment No. 14 as the preferred alignment. This alignment serves as the basis for the current design.

2) How will this road impact the environment?

Environmental impacts are of primary concern to Lee County. County staff and consultants are currently working to accurately assess current environmental conditions. The design will strive to minimize any negative impacts on the environment while also providing additional mitigation efforts and improvements to ensure the health of the surrounding environment.

3) Will there be wildlife crossings?

Yes. County staff and consultants are currently evaluating the most effective locations. Construction of the chosen wildlife crossings will be included with the roadway construction.

4) How will this road impact truck traffic?

The new roadway will not create or reduce the number of trucks on the roadway. However, as with any public roadway, the additional route options should help to “spread out” the current truck traffic.

5) Will the roadway impact the drainage in the area?

County staff and consultants are currently assessing drainage conditions in the area. Improvements will be made to accommodate the proposed facilities while maintaining the natural flow conditions.

6) When will construction begin?

Phase 1 construction is anticipated to begin in mid-2024. Phase 2 and 3 construction is anticipated to begin in early 2026. *

7) When will the road be open?

Phase 1 is anticipated to be open to traffic in fall 2026. Phase 2 and 3 should be open in early 2029.*

8) How many lanes will this road have?

The roadway will have 4 lanes when it opens. The design will allow for 6 lanes to be constructed in the future when and if it becomes warranted.

9) Will this road have sidewalks or shared use paths?

Pathways are planned along the roadway where there is sufficient room. In areas where there is not sufficient room the pathways may be reduced down to narrower sidewalks.

10) Will there be street lights on the roadway?

A lighting study is currently being performed. Streetlights will be installed if the analysis determines streetlights are warranted.

11) Have any changes been made to the alignment since the Corridor Study was completed?

No. The proposed alignment was previously approved and adopted by the Lee Board of County Commissioners. The design plans are to follow the same alignment with more defined intersection analysis at both existing Alico Rd and SR 82

12) Will there be any traffic signals on the roadway?

County staff and consultants are currently performing an Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE) study to determine the appropriate means of traffic control at the major intersections.

*Various factors may impact timing.